Turing Data

  1. Data Science
  2. Market Research
  3. User Profiling

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Welcome to Turing Data

In the era of massive consumer data and stiff competition between products and services, especially in the financial market, gaining insights of customer behavior which competitors lack can yield significant financial gain. Various sources of information are able to offer a unique competitive advantage by mining and integrating market data into trading decisions, financial modeling, and other business processes.

Turing Data offers a complete set of tools and packages which simplify the complexities associated with the predictive analytical modeling solutions and the processing of Big Data, making it possible to adopt feasible predictive analytical solutions.

A unique combination of data mining methods and algorithms are used to discover hidden knowledge in large data sets. The provided Big Data processes can take place in parallel and on multiple computers. The Turing Data platform performs analytics using a machine learning engine powered with intelligent algorithms, supporting various insurance and financial processes.